The Sheep Arrive!

We spent most of the last week in North Carolina where I was selling yarn at a yarn

Dog crates in the back of my car

festival and then we spent a few days with family. On Thursday morning I woke up early and left my parents house for the two hour drive to Lynn’s Rare Find Farm in Raleigh. Once there Lynn helped me load two of our three ewes into the back of my car. Each sheep got her own dog crate filled with hay to lay on and nibble on during the ride. The third sheep, Elizabeth, will have to wait until my mom comes to visit in a few weeks since I didn’t have


room for three crates in my car. After loading up the sheep and getting a few last minute words of advice from Lynn I hit the road for the long drive from NC to KY. It took about 8 hours and the girls were wonderful traveling companions. They slept most of the time and only baaa-ed when I went around curves or put on the brakes. And no, I didn’t get them out and walk them at rest stops though I did give them handfuls of grain whenever I stopped for gas or a snack.

When we finally arrived in KY the sun was setting and I wasn’t able to get any good photos but if you look close you can see a few sheep shaped blurs below.

Sheep in the Pasture

After their long day in the car the girls weren’t interested in socializing once they gained their freedom and ran off to explore their new home. The 3.5acre pasture looks huge with two tiny sheep in it and the grass is as tall or taller than they are in places!

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