Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep


After being a shepherd for just a few days I lost my sheep. After “torturing” them by putting Etta on her lead and walking her around the yard they ran off and hid in the bushes. We assumed that they were just hiding and would come back for treats once they calmed down. But by evening we still hadn’t seen them. By the next morning we had discovered a hole in the fence and were panicking and searching the neighborhood. Unfortunately all the neighbors pastures are full of really tall grass- i.e, the perfect place for tiny sheep to disappear-  so we spent a lot of time walking back and forth in the hot sun with no luck. We stopped anyone we saw and asked them to look out for our girls, passing around our phone number. By last night we had nearly lost hope but then this morning I was woken up by a phone call from a friendly voice saying “I think I have your sheep”. Turns out the girls managed to walk about a mile away, out of our little neighborhood area and ended up in someone’s front yard. They put them in their fenced in back yard and called a farmer friend who came over and picked them up and brought them out to her farm to hang out with her cows and donkey. Ththankfully the girls have ear tags and with that information the farmer was able to track down Lynn at Rare Find  Farm (where they are still registered) and Lynn was able to give her out phone number. So this morning we went over and retrieved them and now they are back home, safe and sound but still pretty shaken up. The fence has been patched and, for good measure, Animal Control now has the info from their ear tags and our phone number, so if they ever escape again it’ll be easier to get them back. And I think we’ll be getting some dog tags to put on their halters!


We are SO lucky that they wandered into the yard of nice people who took care of them and took the effort to track down their owners. And that they didn’t encounter any dogs or other predators during their adventure. I had nearly given up hope after they had been missing for over 24hours and was feeling so guilty for not taking care of these precious, sweet lives that Lynn had trusted to my care. I’m so glad that they are home.

6 thoughts on “Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep

  1. Made me tear up thinking about your sheep all last night, then finally knowing you found them today. I am so glad they are back home.

    Eventually they will learn how lucky they are to have you as their new caretaker, and will never want to leave again!

  2. Laura
    when I read the story the first time I did not realize you were talking about your family. Soo happy everything is working out.

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