This morning my parents drove out to Lynn’s farm to pick up Elizabeth and she was ready to go– practically climbing the fence to get in the car!

Dad drove the car back to Winston so that mom could sit in the back with Elizabeth and bond and, apparently, take lots of close up photos.

After leaving the farm they headed back to Winston to pack a few more things into the car, drop of Dad and let Elizabeth stretch her legs. Don’t you think that a sheep is just what my parents’ backyard needs? Its a good thing that their labradoodle, Marley, would never allow it or else Elizabeth may never have made it to my house!


Eight hours later mom and Elizabeth finally arrived at Square Peg Farm. As soon as the car came to a stop we could hear Elizabeth baa-ing from inside as if to say “let me out!”. Like the well trained lady that she is she obediently walked on her leash out to the pasture but as soon as we got close to the other sheep she picked up speed and starting pulling on her lead to get to her friends. There was much sniffing and baa-ing in greeting and everyone seemed very happy to be re-united. Tomorrow we are planning on taking the girls for a walk down to visit the neighbors. We’ll be taking plenty of treats with us just in case anyone gets any ideas about escaping!

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