Things to do around Lexington KY

We’ve been in KY for over two months now but haven’t ventured off the farm much yet. We have been so busy getting the house and yard in order, getting the garden in and getting the chickens and sheep set up that we haven’t had much time for exploring. We are starting to settle into a routine now, though, and have more free time to fill, especially on the weekends when Chris is home from work. Everyone tells me that there are lots of fun things to do in the area. Hopefully we’ll have some friends and family visiting later this summer and that will give us a good excuse to go exploring, otherwise Chris and I might have to just do it on our own!

Shaker Village – this has come recommended from several people. Our neighbor David says we should take our parents to Shaker Village and have dinner at their restaurant so I think we may put that on the schedule for the next time they come visit (hint, hint, when are you coming to visit again?). I’d like to go to visit the living history “museum”

Natural Bridges State Park Natural Bridges was first recommended to me by a neighbor who goes up to the park on the weekends for their square dancing. I really want to take my inlaws to their weekly hoe-down so that Mike can show off his clogging skills.

Carter Caves I’d love to take my dad to one of their musical gatherings. Its so much fun to watch him play with other musicians. Not being a musician myself it amazes me that complete strangers can get together and make music together like magic.

The Jessamine County Fair is this coming week. I’d like to go for the sheep show but I’m not sure I want to pay the $10 admission just for that, and the sheep show is during the day so Chris couldn’t go with me. So I haven’t quite decided about that.

Square Dancing- starting in September I’m going to start going to square dancing lessons. Hopefully Chris will be able to come to but classes are Tuesday nights so we’ll have to see how his work schedule is.

The Kentucky Horse Park always has horse shows going on. This weekend they have a miniature horse show! Unfortunately its $16 per person, plus parking, to get into the park.

I’d like to go to the Arboretum, especially the section focusing on plants native to KY. We are still trying to identify a lot of the things growing in the pasture and this would be the perfect place to learn more about what grows in the area.I am terrible at identifying plants so I really appreciate the little labels that they put on plants at arboretums!

Our new favorite soda, Ale-8-One, is manufactured in Winchester (right outside of Lexington) and they offer factory tours. I’ve never seen this soda outside of KY but it tastes like a blend of ginger ale and sprite and is really good!

Though they don’t offer any tours, I’d like to drive down to the Weisenberger Mill and pick up some locally ground flour from the water-powered family mill. I’ve heard the drive out to the mill is pretty and the quality of the flour makes a huge difference in your baking. I always try to use local ingredients when I can but have never had the option to buy locally processed flour!

Joseph-Beth is a big bookstore just down the road from us and they have book signings and talks including one by Jim Butcher at the end of July. I may see if I can get us tickets since Chris and I are both big fans of his Dresden Files books.

What else? If you are from the area or have visited Lexington and know of fun things to do, let me know!

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