Things a-growin’

Here’s a little update on things growing around the farm from Chris.  We’re a zone behind NC, so no making fun if yours is bigger than ours!

Overview of the Garden

Baby Watermelon

Pumpkins and watermelon

The first zucchini, picked today.

Three kinds of heirloom tomatoes. Kind of small cause we didn't get them in till late. The two on the right are big commercial varieties.

A couple of baby better boys.

Heirloom pole beans going crazy, but no harvest yet.

A couple of baby pole beans.

Cucumbers climbing their support. There are pickling and regular cucumbers in here.

Bad pictures of a baby cuke.

Hugemungous corn. The silver queen is taller than I am.

Squash, zucchini, and peanuts.

This is to give you an idea how huge this squash has gotten.

Baby squash. One must be a model, cause it has nobutt.

Some salad mix, but we don't like it cause it's spiky. And a photobombing cornish.

strawberries. I've never managed to make these grow right, so we'll see what happens.

Soybeans and bush beans. We've been eating on bush beans for a couple weeks now.


Our pasture. It changes color about every week. We should have been taking pictures. It's been red, blue, purple, green, and now white flowers are dominating.

Close-up of the flowers all over the pasture right now.

The purple cone flowers outside our living room window.

Not sure what these are, but they are yellow and just coming in.

Arnold is getting HUGE, he's only almost 4 months!

3 thoughts on “Things a-growin’

  1. Very nice! Makes me want a garden, but we dont have enough room at this house. Which is why we are planning on moving soon! The local farmers market was selling out of vegetables last weekend!

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