Our Baby Goat!

Last night our neighbor, Mr Savage, stopped by to let us know that our little goat was weaned and ready to be picked up so this morning we drove over and packed the little bit up in to the back of our car. This is her first time away from her mom, brother and the rest of her family so right now she is scared and lonely. We don’t want to overwhelm her with too much at once so she hasn’t been introduced to the sheep yet. Right now she is staying in one of the stalls in the barn where she can feel safe and secure. We’ll leave her in the barn for a few days, letting her out for short times on a leash, so that she associates the barn with “home”. We did this with the sheep and it worked really well. They roam all over the pasture eating but always come back to the area around the barn and front fence line to hand out and sleep.

We haven’t decided on a name for our little girl yet. We are borrowing a naming convention from the farm where we got the sheep– all the babies born in a certain year get names starting with the same letter. So back in 2007 when Elizabeth and Etta were born the letter was E, and then in 2008 Francine was born. So now in 2011 the names should start with I. Right now we are trying out Ivy and Isabel (Izzy) to see what feels right.

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