Laura’s Parents Visit the Farm

This past weekend my parents made the long drive from NC to KY for a visit. This is the first time my dad has been to the house since they helped us move, and the second time for my mom, so it was fun to show them how much things have changed. Everything is unpacked and in its place and the yard has changed so much. And then of course there are the animals. The chickens are always entertaining, though the roosters have been so vocal lately that our time sitting outside on the patio knitting was constantly punctuated by rooster crows. The stars of the show, though, are the sheep and little Ivy. The girls love to have my mom visit because she spoils them rotten with attention. Ivy has continued to become more comfortable on the farm and now spends all of her time with the sheep. During my parents’ visit she became more comfortable eating grain out of our hands and coming up for scratches. She is adjusting very well. Sometimes she even gets to be at the front of the line, as you can see in one of the pictures below!

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