Fall Gardening

Most of our summer veggies have withered away and its time to replace them. The squash and zucchini produced like crazy for a while but eventually succumbed to the dreaded squash borer. By then we were getting tired of squash so we didn’t mind. The bush beans also produced better than we expected but finally that came to an end.  Most of the other veggies are still limping along. I think the cucumbers have a blight and I doubt we’ll get any more cukes which is a real shame because Chris makes great pickles.


A few days ago I pulled up the bush beans and cleared out some weeds and today I put in some of the fall veggies.  From the front, in the photo below, we’ve got Chinese Broccoli (not shown), Butter Lettuce, Cabbage, Strawberries (planted earlier), Broccoli, Iceberg Lettuce. Beyond the new plants you can see the tangle of melons. The pumpkins, watermelons and cantaloupes have taken over that part of the garden and are running wild!


We haven’t decided if we are going to plant any other fall crops. We still have bokchoy growing in another part of the yard and I can’t think of any other leafy greens that we both eat enough to grow.


What are you growing in your fall garden?


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