Labor day is for laboring

To celebrate the end of summer and a long weekend we had Chris’s parents over and put them to work! We have gotten a ton of stuff accomplished with their help and with the help of our neighbors.

Guest Bedroom


1. Painted guest bedroom blue

2. Fixed guest bathroom sink stopper

3. Put up new shower curtain in guest bathroom w/ matching towels and rugs

Guest Bathroom


1. Flatten out the big hole in our backyard from where the previous owners had an above ground pool.This took half a day and was only possible because our neighbor, David, let us borrow his front loader. Chris had never used a tractor before but took right to it.

Hole in yard- smoothed and seeded w/ grass

2. Replaced siding on house where Chris melted it with the grill

3. Worked on laundry sink (still not fixed)

4. Replaced missing piece of antique bed

5. Bought mulch and started weeding and mulching front beds

6. Installed curtain rods and valances in guest bedroom

7. Bought bedspread for master bedroom (FINALLY found one that looks great!)

8. Took down slide and swings from swing set and stored them in the barn. It looks better without the bright yellow, plastic slide and this way we can keep the slide and swings safe and clean to be re-installed when its time the sell the house in a few years.


Antique Headboard

1. Installed bracing under floors to fix weak spots in floor

2. Installed insulation under house

3. More mulching


4. Planted grass seed over the bare dirt patch left after smoothing out the hole. First we had to put up temporary fencing to keep the chickens out! We got the last of the hay put down over the seed just as it started to rain- perfect timing!

5. Neighbor, Trey, brought over his tractor and bush hog and cleared out the pasture. It was past due time for this to be done and he was able to do it in a fraction of the time it would have taken if we had borrowed David’s tractor like we had planned. Trey is a farmer and has a giant tractor with a double-wide brush hog. Its nice to have neighbors with fun toys!

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