Today's Eggs

Now that some of the chickens that hatched this spring have started laying we are getting about 6 eggs a day, and every few days the number increases!


Henrietta and Imogene are a year older than the rest and so their eggs are the largest. Henrietta’s are about the size of a grocery store egg, for scale, and Imogene’s are unusually large! The younger chickens start off laying smaller eggs, they should get larger as the birds mature. I hope so, otherwise we are going to have lots of tiny eggs! The only exception are the two bantam frizzles that we have (one white, one red). These two hens are miniatures- that’s what Bantam means- and they lay miniature eggs. The teeny tiny egg at the bottom of the photo is from the white frizzle. They are fun to hard boil since you can eat them in one bite, or they make pretty decorations on salads. We know that the pinkish egg near the top is being laid by our Delaware hen. For some reason she prefers to lay on top of the nesting boxes rather than in one of the nests. And one of the Barred Rocks lays in the hay loft in the barn. She and Arnold are the only ones to even go in the barn since its all the way across the yard from the coop but apparently it feels like home to her. We haven’t figured out who laid the other three eggs in the picture. We have to catch them in the act to know for sure!

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