Automatic Chicken Door

Etta Helping

Chickens are so easy to raise. All we have to do is fill their feed bucket and waterers every couple of days and collect the eggs. The only real inconvenience is letting them out of their coop every morning and locking them in at night. Its not a big deal when the weather is nice but as winter approaches it becomes harder and harder to leave the warmth of inside to run out and close them up at night. And we worry about them if we are out late in the evening or go out of town. So this weekend we installed an automatic chicken door using this guide. We built the door frame and door with scraps of wood we had on hand and ordered this motor. Installation was pretty fast and easy, now we are just waiting for 6:30pm when the timer is set to close the door!


Automatic Coop Door

6 thoughts on “Automatic Chicken Door

    • We’ll go out and count heads every once in a while. They are pretty good about getting in before dark falls. Well, all but one- Roadrunner- who sometimes prefers to sleep in a tree. But if she decides to stay in the tree there isn’t anything I can do about it.

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