5 thoughts on “A Guest on the Farm

  1. Hi Laura! It was great to meet you and read about your adventure getting Lincoln back to your farm. Lincoln is a sweetie and I’m sure the girls will warm up to him in a little bit.

    Oh that horn! He is used to being the big boy on the farm and up till recently none of the boys ever challenged him successfully. Hansel, his youngest son and the only one that we kept, apparently taught him a thing or two. The broken horn was a sad surprise to us but he is still a handsome boy, I think. How is his limp? That too was a surprise. We will be breeding Hansel to the non related girls while Lincoln is away and we will be establishing two sheep families when he gets back so their will be no more battling between them.

    It sounds like Lincoln is in good hands with you and I look forward to seeing his offspring next year. Have fun! This is a great adventure, sheepkeeping. 🙂 (Sorry about the wet ram in the hot car aroma. It will eventually go away, I’m sure. )


    • Lincoln is being such a good guest- we are enjoying having him visit! He is still limping– I tried to look at the underside of the hoof but didn’t see anything abnormal. Has he had problems with his foot before?

      • Hi Laura, glad you are enjoying Lincoln. He is a sweetheart. I did notice the limping in the video and I have to say that I am a bit concerned. It appeared that morning that you picked him up. It’s hard to tell under all the woolyness but I wonder if he might not have gotten rammed by Hansel and is bruised. It shouldn’t last long though. Please keep me up to date on it. (Hansel is now with his girls so he should be calming down!)

      • The limping is finally improving! He still seems to walk funny but I think perhaps its his manly swagger– he just moves differently than the girls! But the limping on his front right leg is almost completely gone now. I have looked it over and don’t see any signs of injury and the underside of the hook looks fine.

  2. Good to hear! Lincoln, does have a definite Swagger naturally. He was the Kind of the BarnYard for a long time. For awhile I had 5 of his Ram Sons with him and they would fight each other but never really challenge Old Dad. Since it has been only him and Hansel, it was not a good situation. Hansel is young and has needed to be mated. It’s a good time for them to be separated so this is working out well for both of them in that regard.

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