Elizabeth and Lincoln

Ewes go into heat once every 17 days (aprox) and are only in heat- i.e. fertile- for 1-2days. When they aren’t in heat they have no interest in the ram and won’t let him be more than “just friends”.

Well today was the first day that one of the ewes has been in heat since Lincoln came to the farm. All morning Elizabeth and Lincoln hung out together, grazing side by side and napping near each other while the rest of the flock wandered in a different part of the pasture. It was very unusual to see Elizabeth away from Francine and Etta and so I immediately knew that today was special. By late afternoon Lincoln and Elizabeth were standing very close together and kept sniffing each other. Anytime Elizabeth walked away Lincoln would follow close behind her. Finally he mounted her. I was watching from outside the pasture- I didn’t want to interrupt anything- and couldn’t see them all the time but saw him mount her at least three times, though each time was only for a few seconds. Lets hope that he got the job done!

I expect that tomorrow their romance will fizzle out and Elizabeth will rejoin her friends and Lincoln will be odd-man out again until the next girl goes into heat!

Mark your calendars for May 8th, if Elizabeth did in fact get pregnant today then her due date is around the 8th of May!

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