We had our first real snow of the season last night. We’ve only gotten about 1/2 an inch -enough to be pretty but not so much that the roads are dangerous or people are in danger of loosing power or getting in trouble. It’s COLD though and isn’t supposed to get above freezing till Monday so I expect the snow will stick around for a few days.

The sheep don’t seem to mind the cold or the snow. Because the snow isn’t very deep they are easily able to paw through and graze. It gives them snow “mustaches” on their noses. Ivy, with her short coat, keeps ducking into the barn to warm up. We gave them a generous scoop of corn this morning just in case they aren’t able to graze as much as usual. Their water bucket has a heater in the bottom to keep it from freezing and so far its keeping up fine.

The chickens have enough sense to stay inside their warm, cozy coop today. Its unusual not to have birds all over the yard! We also gave them extra rations of dried corn and chicken feed since they aren’t foraging in the yard today.

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