Shearing Day

I haven’t posted much lately because there simply isn’t much to post about in February. Its cold and snowy and everyone seems to move a bit more slowly this time of year. I’ve set aside my outdoor chores and projects in favor of sitting by the fire with my knitting. The one highlight of late winter is that its almost time to shear the sheep! We had a hard time finding someone to hire for the shearing because most professional shearers require a minimum of 25sheep to make it work their trip out to the farm. But by asking around I found a student at the University of KY ag school who is willing to come out for just three sheep! He will be coming to the farm on Feb 18th (next Saturday) and we’ll shear the sheep in the morning and then clean the fleeces in the afternoon. Anyone who wants to come out to see what its like to shear sheep and learn about the process of turning fleece into yarn is welcome to join us!

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