Did I mentioned that we picked up our bees last week? My parents gave us the hive and gear for Christmas but we had to wait till spring to put bees in it. Now that its warmed up and there is plenty for bees to eat its the perfect time to start a new hive. We picked up the bees from a local bee supply place last Friday and dumped them into the hive. Then we basically left them alone for a week so that they could get settled in and set up shop in the empty hive.

When I checked on them today, lo and behold they have started making honey comb! They have started building in the middle which is where the queen is living. Its also closest to where I have a feeder filled with sugar water. It’ll take them all summer to fill the hive with honeycomb and those honey reserves are what they will live on all winter when there isn’t anything to eat outside. Next summer they will start to produce extra and that’s when we’ll get to share in on it!

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