Flower Garden

Over the weekend my parents came for a visit and were generous enough to spend all of their vacation hard at work! Mom and I spent most of our time in the flower garden. When we moved in a year ago this flower garden was already in place and filled with tulips, purple cone flowers, black eyed susans and lots of weeds. Last spring and summer I enjoyed watching the changing colors from the dramatic red tulips, to the purple cone flowers and finally the late summer gold of the black eyed susans. The garden is planted right in front of the large windows in the den, which is the focal point of the house, so the beautiful flowers are always on display. Unfortunately, the garden was becoming overgrown with weeds, some areas had become bare and others were over crowded, and the borders of the garden had become unclear, making it look more like a patch of wild weeds in the middle of the yard than a true garden. It was time for an overhaul.

Out came all the weeds, the broken bird bath and some mystery vines that I thought might be jasmine but never flowered. Dad dug a ditch around the perimeter of the garden to give it definition and a fresh layer of mulch neatened everything up. Once the weeds were gone we were left with a lot of empty space to fill with new plants. The Black Eyed Susan and Cone Flowers cover most of the back half of the garden, but the front was now quite barren. The only plants remaining were one beautiful but lonely peony and a few small yellow lilies that we transplanted from another part of the yard last summer. We left the tulips in place too, of course, but they bloomed a month ago so now they aren’t more than stubby little stalks.

Most of the new plants have only just started to bloom, so there isn’t a lot of color yet but with time the garden should be full of flowers. Now lets just hope that the chickens don’t destroy them all before we have a chance to enjoy them! Click on the photo, or click here, to view a larger photo with labels of all the different flowers.

Most of the flowers we chose are perennials so they should get larger and more productive each year. The only annuals are the marigolds, lantana, statice and corn flower.

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