Waiting on Lambs

If the sheep got pregnant back in December, their due dates were May 8, 10 and 12. Elizabeth is now a week over due with no signs of impending labor. We have no full udders or unusual behavior, just very round bellies. Maybe they are just fat, but it seems unlikely that none of them would get pregnant since they have all had babies in the past and the ram also have proven his fertility in past years. For now we continue to wait.

What do you think- do they look pregnant to you?























2 thoughts on “Waiting on Lambs

  1. Not sure my earlier comment, stuck … so I’ll post again:

    Laura, have you had them checked by a vet or at least an experienced sheep or goat person? I would have to agree with you that you would see some very clear signs by now, although my very first time, I did not know what to look for.

    It is really hard to tell from these photos. Please keep me posted

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