Hot, Dry Weather

We have been having an unusually hot, dry summer here in Kentucky. We had several weeks of highs above 100 without a drop of rain and the vegetation around here just isn’t prepared for weather like that. Our grass is more suited for cool, wet weather so now it is all completely dead. We’ve been watering the garden but that has mostly just kept it alive but not actually growing. The pasture is so dry and dead that its hard for the animals to find much to eat so we’ve had to start supplementing with feed and hay, something we didn’t expect to do until winter. You can see the difference by comparing these two photos of the sheep in the pasture. The one on the left was taken in early July and the one on the right is from back in May.








Thankfully the heat wave seems to be over and we’ve had cooler weather and even some rain in the last week. Hopefully the garden, pasture and yard will have a chance to recover now, but we’ll be surprised if we are able to harvest much from the garden this year.

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