I thought that mums bloomed in the fall. That is when you see them for sale and when they pop up on everyone’s front porches and around the mailboxes, at least in my experience. I am so used to seeing them potted that I never even considered planting them in the ground until we moved onto the farm last year and, lo and behold, there were a couple of mum plants in the flower bed by the patio. After the chickens destroyed the hostas that were taking up space in this same bed I decided to fill in the gaps with more mums. Now we have half a dozen mum bushes in yellow, white and red. And guess what? They are already blooming! I don’t know it this is a reaction to the weird summer we’ve been having or if they bloom this early every year (I can’t remember from last summer). Either way, they are beautiful and I’m looking forward to when the bushes are completely covered in little flowers!



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