Raised Beds

Since I’m making so many changes to the garden right now I thought I’d go a step further and start transitioning to raised beds. Our soil quality is not very good because our gardens are located on ground that used to be filled with either grass or weeds or just mulched over. In other words, the soil hasn’t been taken care of. It takes years to build good soil and we just don’t have that kind of time. In 3 years we will be moving and leaving these gardens behind. With raised beds you speed up the process by adding in rich, healthy soil and whatever additives you want. Mixed nicely, fluffed up and totally weed and rock free.

The draw back is, of course, that all that soil is expensive. That’s why we didn’t start with raised beds. But after 2 summers with poor yields its time to take action. I am starting with one small bed this fall and we’ll see how that goes. I’m considering doing half the bed raised and half of it in the normal soil as an experiment. If it makes a big difference we can convert more beds in the spring.

In the photo on the right you can see what the area looked like a few days ago.

Now you can see the beginnings of the framework for the raised bed and weed cloth covering the pathway. The pathway will eventually be covered in mulch. I’d like to make this garden area as weed free as possible because I’ve got plenty of weeds in other areas to keep me busy pulling weeds all season long! Image

Next up: deciding what type/mix of soil to fill the bed with. And where to get it at a reasonable price.

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