Sheep Hiccups


For the last several days I have noticed something weird going on with Etta. It almost looks like she is hiccuping but she isn’t making any noise or breathing oddly. It makes her whole body jump every couple of seconds. We are not sure if Etta is pregnant or not. Right now she is much thinner than the other two ewes and has no swelling of her udder or any other signs. She may be pregnant but just due later than the others or not pregnant at all.

Anyone have experience with something like this? I have no idea if its a symptom of a problem or just a simple case of the hiccups!

2 thoughts on “Sheep Hiccups

    • She is still hiccuping this morning. She seems to be eating normal. Its hard to judge her behavior because she is always a bit stand-offish and doesn’t stick tight with the flock.

      We won’t be at CFF this year. With the change in dates it doesn’t work as well for us. Hopefully we’ll be able to sort our schedule and make it back next year!

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