The long wait is finally over and we have our very first lambs! Elizabeth gave birth to two lovely little girls around 2pm today. I wasn’t out in the barn when it happened, but came out soon afterwards to discover her cleaning off the two wet little lambs.

Both girls are healthy, alert and active. I can already tell that they are going to be all sorts of trouble for Elizabeth as they get older. Already they are running circles around her! We let her lamb wherever she wanted and she chose a spot in the open stall of the barn. After letting the flock meet the new additions we moved her into a closed stall in the barn so that the new family can have some time to rest and bond without having to worry about someone stepping on one of lambs or one of the little girls wandering off.

The llamas found the lambs fascinating and spent a lot of time sniffing the lambs all over and seemed to try to push the lambs back towards Elizabeth when the wandered off. They were very gentle with the lambs but seemed a little bit agitated that we (Chris and I) were handling the lambs.

We named the girls Kelly and Kaylee. We using a naming scheme where our animals get names based on the year of their birth. So two years ago we used “I” and had Ivy, then last year was “J” and we got Jeb. That means this year is “K” so all of our lambs this year will have names that begin with K. Today is my friend Kelly’s birthday so we thought it would be fitting to name one of the lambs after her. Since the twins look so much like each other we decided to give them similar sounding names. After all, we’ll probably call them by each others name as often as we get their names correct.


Shetland sheep come in so many different colors that for inexperienced shepherds like us its hard to guess at what color the girls “officially” are but thankfully we won’t be registering them until they are a bit older so we have time to figure it out. We think that they are musket colored with katmoget patterning. They are almost identical in appearance but the white strip on Kaylee’s face is more solid white and Kelly’s is not as solid.


5 thoughts on “Lambs!

  1. Congratulations Laura and Chris, they are fawn Katmogets and they will lighten considerably. I’ll tell Imp he did a good job. Can’t tell too much from the pics but it appears they are more intermediate than single coated.

  2. Congratulations!!! They are beautiful. Have fun. We enjoy following the adventures and additions to your every growing ‘family’!!!!!

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