Flower Garden

Remember this post from almost a year ago? We are beginning to see the results of our hard work last year as our perennials are beginning to come up. In my opinion perennials always look a big straggly and not quite at home yet the first season they are planted. Its only the next summer when they come back, bigger and healthier and more, well, “rooted” in place that they finally start to look like they belong. Of course with out flower garden, I have no idea what most of the little green plants poking up are yet– I have a hard time recognizing them until they flower. Thankfully I have most of our flowers labelled in this photo. So far this year I’ve spotted the white peony, the yellow day lilies, several asiatic lilies, the few tulips that the goat spared when she got out into the backyard earlier this spring and munched on all my brand new baby tulip greens and of course the black eyed susans and purple cone flower. There are several other plants coming up that I’m pretty sure aren’t weeds, but I can’t remember what they are and I don’t seem to have them noted from last year. I guess we’ll wait and see what they turn into! I planted a number of bulbs last year- daylilies, gladioli, phlox and dahlias- so it’ll be interesting to see if and when they pop up. I dug the holes for them rather randomly and made no notes about where they ended up, so it’ll be a surprise to see what happens!

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