Faux “Stone” patio progress

2013-06-14 20.14.33

We poured the first mold and a half of “stones” this evening. Phew- it was hard work! Mostly it was hard mixing the concrete. Apparently they sell mixing attachments for hand drills. I think we need one of those. It was too hard to try to get all of an 80lb bag mixed by hand before it started to dry. Quikcrete dries fast! After the mold was filled we then had to quickly smooth out all the rough edges by hand and smooth off the surface. In retrospect I probably should have started in the back corner rather than right up at the door from the porch since my technique will probably improve with practice. I guess we’ll just have the ugliest blocks right in the center front!

Chris is on call this weekend so I’m not sure how much we will get done on it, depends on how often he has to go in to the hospital. These first blocks should be dry enough to stand on in 12 hours !

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