I know its been a while since I last posted. The summer was great but, after the Great Chicken Massacre of 2013, pretty low key.

Today we added a new resident to the farm- Schnitzel the pot bellied pig. Schnitzel is a little girl and about 4 months old. Even though she is young, she already has a job. She is the official mascot of Country Boy Brewing. Since the brewery is downtown, she is living with us but– once she has been trained a bit more– she will be visiting the brewery’s outside patio and maybe going to events to meet and greet her fans.

We have her in a temporary pig run right now so that she can root around in the garden. We will be tilling it under soon and planting winter wheat but until then she is enjoying rooting through the loose soil and eating the bits of plant left in the garden. She also has access to the space under the chicken coop and several trees for shade. Eventually we plan to build her a stall in the barn with a run in the pasture. Since our goal is to have her well socialized and trained, she will also be spending plenty of time hanging out with me in the yard. Only with supervision though since she’s already shown us how much she likes to uproot things!

By the time we got her settled in this evening it was too dark to take decent photos, but I took some blurry ones anyway. She seems happy with her new home, even though she isn’t a fan of the electric fencing.  A pizza crust and some good scratches helped her forget all about the shock she got to her nose!

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