More friends for Schnitzel

Yesterday we had a very successful trip out with Schnitzel. We went for a car ride down to Country Boy Brewery and had quesodillas and beers and made some new friends. The crowded bar with loud talking and slipper floors was too scary to go in for more than a few minutes, but outside it was calmer and everyone had a nice time. We were sitting near the entry door so Schnitzel got to greet everyone as they came and went. Several people mistook her for a dog…until she oinked!

After dinner we came home and Schnitzel got to meet our good friend Alicia for the first time. Alicia owns pugs and says that a little black pig is almost exactly the same as a fat black pug– both live to eat, grunt all the time and love having their bellies rubbed.

Schnitzel got in and our of the car several times using a ramp, walked around on her leash without making a fuss, even when her leash got tangled around the picnic table legs, and met lots of new people, smells and sounds. She did great! The only time she got upset was when we tried going inside (it was just too much too fast). She did try to bite a friendly pit bull a couple of times but we think it was her attempt at playing. Unfortunately, biting strange dogs- even in a playful manner- can’t be allowed!

All in all I think Schnitzel had a great night. We need to find more pig-friendly places to take her so that she can get more experience being used to crowds of people and unusual environments!












3 thoughts on “More friends for Schnitzel

  1. I live in Vienna (Austria). And you probably know what is the specialty here? Exactly! Wiener Schnitzel! But I do not like them. I love namely pigs. And your Schnitzel is something quite special.

    • Our girl is more German style than Viennese (pork vs veal). Its a fun name to say– when we introduce her to kids they never know what the name means because its not a common dish here but they like how it sounds. That is probably for the best that they don’t know what it means!

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