Fiber Experiments

My parents enjoy visiting our farm so much that they have decided they need one of their own. Last summer they found the perfect spot of land and hopefully by next summer they will have the perfect farm house and barn built on it (assuming the weather ever improves enough to let the workers get anything done). Mom knows that she wants to have fiber animals, like me, but can’t quite make up her mind what she wants.


For Christmas, we gave her three Pygora goats (they produce mohair) who are living on my farm for now. Their fiber is silky and shiny and really beautiful. I particularly like it blended 50/50 with wool. The big question is– what type of wool? I love my Shetlands, of course, but we don’t really need two Shetland flocks in the family. Already my flock is producing more than mom and I can use ourselves. It would make more sense for her to raise a different breed that has different fiber characteristics. Only, we don’t know much about breeds other than Shetlands! So this winter we are trying to learn as much as we can about different sheep breeds and the fibers they produce. To do so, I’m collecting lots of fiber samples to process and spin and keeping notes in a notebook. I’m also going to be blogging about it some in case other people are interested.

Do you have a favorite sheep breed, either for raising, for processing/spinning or for knitting with? If anyone has samples of fleeces that we don’t have yet I’d be happy to swap you some shetland, mohair or llama in exchange!

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