Three Bags Full

2014-07-17 14.54.13Today I got a wonderful treat in the mail– three boxes full of beautiful wool roving mill processed from my flock. Up until now I’ve been doing all of my wool processing by hand but as the flock has grown its become too time consuming. Also, mill prepared roving is nicer to work with and more appropriate for selling to other people. So after this spring’s shearing I bundled up the fleeces from Jeb, Francine, Kelly and Kaylee and sent them off to Stonehedge Fiber Mill in Michigan to be washed and carded into roving. I’m definitly going to be keeping some of this wool for myself (and for you, mom!) but I got back 6lb of Francine, 4lb of Jeb and about 3lb of the Kelly/Kaylee blend which is far more wool than I have time to spin and knit. If you’d like a little bit of my flock for your own spinning, please check out our Etsy shop where I have all three colors listed.


2 thoughts on “Three Bags Full

  1. Did you have Francine’s wool processed with both coats together? I’d like to see some of that; I’m considering leaving my dual-coated guy’s fleece unseparated this year.

    • Sarah
      I’ll bring you some of Francine’s roving when I delivery Liam. Since Frannie is his momma its only right that you should have a bit of her wool to play with!

      I did not separate Francine’s coat so the roving is a blend of her under and outer coats. She just has too much outer coat to make it worth the time to separate it. It spins up very nicely– the loooong staple length is wonderful to spin– but I still need to knit up a bit before I decide if it’ll be worth using for wearable items, or just for decorative things (like rugs and felted items)

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