Francine and her lambs

Francine and her lambs

Tonight is little Liam’s last night on the farm. Well, I guess he isn’t so little anymore. When I weighed him a week ago he was 51lbs and he looks even larger with his thick, wooly coat. He is our only intact male- all the others got neutered earlier this summer. He was spared the band, though, because he has a future ahead of him as a stud ram. That’s right, my little boy is becoming a Ram and moving onto a new farm full of new ladies to flirt with. He will also have a couple of wethered buddies to hang out with and another ram to keep him in his place. I know the first few days in his new home are going to be really tough. He has never been our of bleating range from his mom and sister, or the rest of the flock. In fact, its very unusually to see Francine without her two little white shadows at her side. Its going to be a hard adjustment for everyone. Liam is a little over three months old, though, so he is certainly old enough to be weaned. In fact, if we were to let him stay on the farm much longer he might start acting on his ram instincts and since most of the females he is with right now are closely related to him we’d rather he didn’t. The little guy will certainly be missed on our farm, but thankfully his new owner, Sarah, is an active blogger so I know I’ll be able to get plenty of Liam updates!


The sheep seem to have a sixth sense about when I’m calling them to me for treats and scratches and when I want to trap them, so I went ahead and locked Francine and her lambs in a stall in the barn tonight to make it easier to catch Liam in the morning. By doing it tonight when I have plenty of time they were very agreeable to coming into the barn. Had I waited until tomorrow when I was in a hurry, I’m sure they wouldn’t have come anywhere near me no matter how many treats I offered them! I am patting myself on the back for having the forethought- for once- to lock them up the night before and avoid the stress and frustration of chasing them around the pasture tomorrow!

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