Liam’s New Home

Liam settled into his new home better than I could have expected. There wasn’t any crying nor any bad behavior (either overly submissive or aggressive) towards his new pasture mate Neo. In fact, I think that he and Neo are quickly going to become best buds. Neo is a castrated male (a wether) which makes him the ideal pasture buddy for a ram like Liam. Sexually neutral, he will be able to provide year round companionship without promoting aggression in the form of either lust or jealous competition.


I didn’t get any good pictures of Liam and Neo’s first meeting but thankfully Liam’s new shepherd, Sara, has posted some on her blog. I expect we will be seeing plenty more of Liam on her blog as he settles into his new home. He has a few months to grow a bit bigger and get used to his new territory before its time for him to officially meet the girls (breeding season will likely begin in September).

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