Goat Milk Ice Cream

While I wait on the next batch of cream cheese to drain, I’m making ice cream!

2014-07-24 20.51.52

This is the recipe I used except that I left out the vanilla flavoring and added peach. Its a pretty basic cooked custard style ice cream. I decided to use a custard version because I wanted to be able to use all goat milk for the dairy rather than having to add in cream. The only draw back with custard style ice cream is that since its cooked you have to let it sit in the fridge for hours to cool down before you put it in the ice cream churn. It does not work if you get impatient and put it in the churn while its still at all warm. Believe me. Thankfully this time I planned ahead and made the ice cream “batter” last night and so now its nice and cool and ready for churning!

For the peach component I cooked down a bunch of frozen peaches that a neighbor gave me a while ago and added sugar to make a sort of peach syrup and mixed some of that in. I saved some of the peach syrup to dribble on top when the ice cream is served!

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