Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

Like most of us, I enjoy a good cup of coffee. But the caffeine has never really affected me which is both a good and a bad thing. On the one hand, I don’t get addicted to it or go into withdrawal when I can’t have it, but on the other I don’t get that stimulating jolt when I drink it which is a real bummer when I could really use the extra energy! Perhaps because of this, I’ve never developed a daily coffee drinking routine….until this summer. One day earlier this summer I had a craving for iced coffee and, well, lets just say that now my day isn’t complete until I’ve had at least one cold, tall glass of the stuff! Unlike regular coffee, iced coffee does take a little planning ahead. If you brew fresh coffee and try to use it immediately you’ll either end up with lukewarm coffee or you’ll have to add so much ice to it that it gets watered down. Instead, take some time to prepare the day before and you’ll be able to fix yourself the perfect, refreshing iced coffee the next day!


Iced Coffee Latte or Mocha
All measurements are “to taste” since everyone likes their coffee a little different

  • Refrigerated coffee – I brew a pot before bed, pour it in a mason jar or two and pop it in the fridge. I make mine regular strength but if you like your iced coffee stronger feel free to make a really strong pot of coffee or even espresso
  • Milk or Cream – I use fresh whole milk from my goat. Feel free to use whatever milk  you want –cow, goat, dairy free, skim or cream, your choice!
  • Simple Syrup
  • Coffee Ice Cubes- when you are making your coffee the night before, pour a bit of it into an ice cube tray so you’ll have coffee ice cubes! These keep your drink cold without watering it down. I use a small ice cube tray and save any extras in a ziploc baggie in the freezer. This is also a great way to use up that extra little bit left in the coffee pot after Chris makes his morning (hot) coffee!
  • Optional: Chocolate Syrup

Mix and measure to taste. I usually pour my glass about half full of coffee and half full of milk, 3 or 4 ice cubes and a generous splash of simple syrup and chocolate syrup. But then, I like my cream and sugar with a bit of coffee. If you like iced lattes and mochas from coffee shops, you’ll be surprised at how much cream and sugar you have to add to get a similar taste!

2 thoughts on “Iced Coffee

    • You do! I think its important to be aware of but not that its necessarily a terrible thing. If your body is able to process sugar normally then a few spoon fulls of it is probably okay, and being aware of how much is in your coffee could motivate you to maybe try something less sweet as a snack or desert. As for the milk- I’ve become a big fan of milk lately with all that Ivy has been giving us. I’ve actually found that when I drink a lot of whole milk I lose weight because it both fills me up and satisfies my appetite so I am less likely to snack and eat simple carbs that taste good but leave me hungry for more.

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