Short and Sweet

I have a huge amount of “real” work that I need to get done this week so I’m trying to force myself to only do the bare minimum amount of farm/garden/kitchen stuff, including blogging. Of course, with veggies getting ripe in the garden every day and needing to be picked before they go bad, the goat needing to be milked twice a day or risk her udder exploding (not really- but if I’m at all late in milking her it sure looks like its going to burst!) and the fermenting things needing feeding and tending (they really could explode!) the “bare minimum” adds up. I do have a couple of new projects to blog about, but for now I’m just taking notes and pictures and will do the actual write up and posting after I’ve gotten past this work deadline. I will take a quick moment to show off my newest acquisition– a new freezer! I found it on Craig’s list and it was both nearby (which is good since I wouldn’t want to be out on the highway with a freezer sticking out the back of my SUV!) and super cheap — $46. The seller needed the space it was taking up in his garage and was eager to have someone come haul it away. Aside from a couple of small dents and scratches its in great condition and the seller even bleached and scrubbed it up so its already clean and fresh smelling. Its still sitting unplugged while the freon drains back down to its proper place(apparently this is something that you have to do after tilting a freezer). I am looking forward to filling it up with bags and jars of goat milk, ice cube trays full of pestos and sauces and maybe even some homemade ice cream! freezer


Check back soon for blog posts on

  • Fermenting hot peppers for hot sauce
  • Kimchi making (hopefully two different methods…)
  • Brining and fermenting garlic for pesto
  • Goat Milk Yogurt
  • Milk Kefir from culture
  • Water Kefir from “grains”

And whatever else I can’t resist getting involved in this week! Oh- also I’ll be posting updates on the farm critters since lately I’ve been so focused on gardening, preserving and cheese making. Don’t worry, the flock is doing great there just isn’t much excitement on their side of the fence this time of year. Lots of eating and growing, but not much too much to blog about– just the way we like it!


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