Another Logan Update

Logan continues to recover. He is still a little slower than his flock mates but I’m not surprised if he is tired and/or sore from his traumatic weekend. I just picked up a syringe of antibiotics from the vet to give him. He doesn’t look or act infected but urinary stones frequently go hand in hand with UTIs. Generally I don’t like giving antibiotics unless absolutely necessary but in a case like this I feel like a) chances are high that he has an infection already and b) I’m not confident that I’d be able to tell if an infection was present until it was too late to save him. Now that he is feeling better he has gone back to being very shy and impossible to catch without help. This makes it hard to monitor him closely for subtle signs of infection.So lets hope that the antibiotics take care of any infection that may be lurking or may pop up in the next couple of days!


In less serious news, we had a fun photo shoot on the farm yesterday for a book that The Unique Sheep is working on. I can’t reveal any of the photos yet but they turned out great. Big thanks to Bonnie Guinn Photography for the awesome work. Elizabeth was the star of the show and amazed us with her patience and willingness to be hugged, kissed and pulled and pushed into place all afternoon!

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