Snow Day


After the excitement of Logan’s little problem, its been pretty quite on the farm. Today we had our first sticking snow. It feels early to have snow on the ground already, I hope that this isn’t a sign that we are in for a hard winter. I personally hate the cold but more than that, snow on the ground is hard on the animals. In the winter they are still able to graze on the pasture, even if its mostly dead, as long as it isn’t covered in snow. With snow on the ground they are limited to hay and feed — both of which can be expensive and have to be manually fed to them at least once a day. Because we have a mixed flock– sheep, goats, llamas and pig all together– feeding can be difficult. The goats and pig are much pushier than the sheep and so if we want the sheep to get more than a bite full they have to be separated before being given grain. And the llamas are just incredibly picky eaters and will only eat pelleted llama feed, not the all purpose grain mixes we use for everyone else. Hay is a bit easier – its not generally woofed down the way the grain is so it lasts longer and everyone gets some- but is heavy to toss the bales around!! Not that any of my complaining will change the weather… firstsnow2

p.s. Logan is doing great and is acting totally back to normal. If it weren’t for the ear tag I put on him when he was sick I wouldn’t be able to tell him apart from his two half brothers! Its amazing to see him back to normal after he was in such desperate pain just a week ago.

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