DSC_0265Today we welcomed a new addition to the farm- a teeny little lap dog! This sweet little girl was found abandoned in a Burger King parking lot so most of what the rescue group, Homeward Bound, could tell us about her was a guess. They think she is about a year old and is a pug/Chihuahua mix. She is in great health and had all her shot and spaying a week ago. She loves being in your lap or arms but is also playful and loves to dash around the yard.


The rescue people had been calling her Lizzie but we already have an Elizabeth on the farm so we are thinking about calling her Izzie, short for Isabella. She has that lovely Habsburg chin, so we thought an aristocratic name would suit her.


Avi ignores her completely, which is how Avi usually treats small dogs. Izzie, in turn, is much more interested in becoming friends with the humans than with Avi so I think that relationship will work out just fine.


Her relationship with the chickens is a different matter altogether. Our chickens are used to Avi, who ignores them, so they were very surprised when Izzie immediately tried to eat them. She got scolded by Chris and slunk back to the house, and the chickens learned that they should run away, so I think we will be able to train this behavior out of her. Mostly the chickens stay in the pasture anyway, where Izzie shouldn’t be, so it should work out okay. She doesn’t seem to have any training yet so we will be starting from scratch with “come” and “sit” and recognizing her name.


Aside from her response to the chickens, our biggest surprise was the realization that she can pass right through our fencing. Oops! So this afternoon I will be reinforcing the bottom two feet of the fence with chicken wire!


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