Doggy Steps

With some of the scraps left over from making the Farm House Table and a wood-shop table, and using these plans as a guide, threw together a set of steps for the dogs to use to get in and out of bed. Avi hasn’t been able to get in and out of the bed by herself since we moved into a home with wood floors because the floors are too slick to push off of, and she slides when she lands. Izzie has no problem jumping off and on the bed, but I worry about the damage she is doing to her joints jumping down from so high.

Izzie was eager to run up and down them as soon as I moved them into the bedroom. Avi is much more cautious (as usual). With the help of treats and lots of encouragement she has gotten the hang of going up the stairs. She will still only go down the stairs if Chris encourages her (he is her “person”, not me) but hopefully with time she will get used to them and gain confidence! It isn’t shown in the pictures, but I do have some rubbery tread stuff that I’ve put down on the steps to make Avi feel more secure.

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