Lille Baby All Seasons Carrier- DIY Strap and Bib Cover Tutorial

2015-12-10 18.08.36

**Update: I’ve noticed that this post has been pinned on Pinterest and shared on FB a lot. I’m not sure how many people have actually tried using the pattern though, and how many are saving it for later. If you’ve actually made a cover from it please post a comment and let me know how it turned out! **

See previous post for how to use.


  • I used two fat quarters of fabric (blue print and grey print) but I had to piece together the blue one to have enough, so in the future I think I’d get 1/2 yard of the bib fabric and 1/4yd of the strap fabric. Once I’ve made another set I’ll try this and update the tutorial!
  • Flannel would be more absorbent, but woven cotton (i.e. quilter’s cotton) is prettier so use whichever you prefer for your outer material.
  • Equal amounts of flannel for lining.
  • cotton batting or terry cloth
  • velcro
  • ribbon scraps
  • optional: snaps


Bib Cover Instructions: 

Bib Cover Pattern PDF: BibCover

Cut out fabric using directions on PDF pattern.

2015-12-10 15.56.18

Two fronts, two backs

If using snaps I recommend attaching them to the longer flap before you start sewing- it can be done at the end but it is harder to do with the bulk of seams and straps added.

2015-12-10 16.02.59

Front pieces, lower flap portion sewn with right sides facing.

With right sides facing, sew together the lower flaps. You’ll be sewing one piece of lining to one piece of outer fabric, plus an optional layer of cotton batting or terrycloth. I didn’t use a middle layer in my sample, so you’ll just see the white flannel lining and blue woven outer fabric. ONLY SEW the lower part of the flaps, up to where marked. After sewing, trim corners, cut almost to sewn line at mark and turn right sides out. Press.

2015-12-10 16.47.00

Back flap sewn leaving gaps on either side.

On longer back flaps, leave small gaps open where marked. We will insert straps into these gaps later.

2015-12-10 16.04.48

X marks the spot

On front flap, locate the X marked spots. Cut through BOTH layers of fabric at the same time, along the mark. This next part is a little tricky and may be easiest if you bast it in place by hand first. After cutting you will have 8 little triangular flaps (4 of each fabric). Working from the wrong side, fold the flaps inward to open up a square hole. Tack flaps in place. If you have fancy stitches on your sewing machine, use a zig zag or something to sew around the opening. There will be some stress on this opening so make it nice and secure. If you just have a straight stitch machine (like me), do your best to reinforce the hole and secure the flaps. It might be helpful to use some fray check.

2015-12-10 16.51.49

Now, with front and back pieces wrong sides together, sandwich and sew around raw edges. This will leave the lower flaps (already sewn) free. After sewing, trim curves, turn and press.

2015-12-10 16.48.32At bottom of back flaps, insert ribbon straps into openings and sew into place. Trim ribbon so that straps are 3″ long. Apply snap or velcro to end so that when folded as shown below the straps will be secured.

2015-12-10 16.48.40

See previous post for options on how to wear.

Strap Cover Instructions

Strap Cover Pattern PDF: strapcover

The strap covers are very simple to make. For each strap, cut pattern out of outer fabric (gray print), inner fabric (cotton terry) and lining (white flannel). Note: I changed the pattern a bit after taking this photo and made the sides more angled. 

2015-12-10 16.08.41

If you want to add ribbon loops for baby to play with or to attach straps holding pacifiers/toys/etc cut them out too.

Sandwich together, right sides facing, and sew around edges. Leave a hole for turning and small holes wherever you want to add ribbon loops or straps. Turn right side out, trim corners, press. Optional: insert ribbon loops into holes and pin in place. Top stitch around edges, reinforcing at any ribbon loops.

2015-12-10 16.27.44

Velcro Positioning

Sew velcro down edges as shown in photo. If you use a matching color the sewing lines won’t show up as much, I used black thread since this was just a trial. It would look better if I had used grey.

2015-12-10 16.28.47

This is how the strap covers look when wrapped around the straps. You can see my little ribbon strap hanging down that looks like a tape measure.

See previous post for options on how to wear.


48 thoughts on “Lille Baby All Seasons Carrier- DIY Strap and Bib Cover Tutorial

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern! Can you clarify for me what you mean by “add 1″ in length for back.” It seems like the back piece is 3 1/2″ longer, not 1″. Maybe I’ll understand when I start sewing, but I don’t want to mess up my fabric. 🙂

    • You need to add an additional 1″ to the pattern. Just make the rectangle a bit longer. The piece needs to be an inch longer than would fit on a piece of standard computer paper. If you don’t add an inch it’ll probably work fine, you’ll just need to make the little ribbon tethers to attach it on the inside longer.

    • You can round the corners off if you want during sewing. The part of the carrier the bib fits over is rounded so it takes that shape more once is been put on. This was my first time trying to make a printable PDF of a pattern and I wasn’t sure how to do rounded edges in my editing program, and when I tried to draw it out free hand on my computer it just looked like a squiggly blob.

  3. Just to clarify…am I cutting out one of each fabric for the front (two diff fab) on the cutting line for front and two each fabric with the extended part, adding an inch to the bottom for the back pieces (two diff fab) So a total of four pieces?

    • That is correct! In my example I used quilting cotton for the decorative layer and flannel for the lining, so I cut a “front” from cotton & flannel and a “back” from cotton and flannel. You could use the same fabric for all 4 pieces if you want, I was just using what I had on hand. If you have a really heavy drooler you can even add an additional layer of flannel in the middle to make it thicker and more absorbent.

  4. Hi, love that you came up with this idea, would you be willing to mail out a drawn copy of your pattern? I have a friend that is asking me to make her one of these but I don’t have a lillebaby to compare how the fit will be and don’t fully trust my rounding of the pattern, also as I printed out it did cut off some of the pieces. I would be willing to pay you for the pattern just let me know. you can respond by email if you would like.

    • I cant provide much support right now– baby was born a few days ago and I’m still fuzzy headed! I think i can manage to pop something in the mail though. will email you for mailing address!

      • Just wanted to say thank you so much for mailing out, I got it the other day, I will be trying it out soon. Thanks again, I will try to share a picture once it is complete.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have 2 daughters with babies and they love the Lillebaby but wanted to keep it clean. I have been looking for some time on how to make the bib cover but never found a pattern and was too lazy to make one myself (the strap covers are easy enough without a pattern).

    As for the little holes for the snaps and straps, I found it works best to use fusible interfacing on the wrong sides of both pieces before you cut the holes. I cut the holes 1 and 1/4″ across the middle both ways. When I folded the little flaps back, I used a teeny, little piece of Stitch Witchery to hold each flap in place (of course, it also helps to have straight pins over which you can iron). Then I turned the two pieces right sides out and joined the two holes by hand-sewin using a tiny blanket stitch around the opening. (I took pictures but I don’t see where I can post them.)

    My daughter with the newborn wants a padded seat cover for the inside. Anyone have any suggestions, patterns, etc. to offer? A burb rag hanging out both sides destroys the beautiful effect of the cover carrier set!

  6. I made them a few days ago! So awesome. I used the idea about the fusible interfacing. The patterns didn’t print out to scale so I redid them using my lillebaby and the measurements you indicated on the pattern. I didn’t leave a hole for the ribbons to add later; I just inserted them when sewing together front and back pieces. Thanks so much for the idea and directions!

    • I’m glad you were able to use the pattern/tutorial and make it work even though it didn’t print to scale. Have you used them with your little one yet? My baby is still too small to really need the suck pads so they are mostly just decorative so far and haven’t truly been field tested yet.

  7. Thank you for the instructions and pattern. It was a little confusing, but I figured it out once I got sewing. I didn’t understand why you had two sets of fabric for the front and back when your pattern says you only need one of each. I also didn’t understand the part where you have to add an inch, so I didn’t add it. I haven’t attached the ribbons with a snap either. It seems fine. I appreciate the time you took, though! It’s the best design I have found!!

  8. Thank you so much for putting this together and taking the time to draw out a pattern. I just finished mine! I’m super happy with it, although I plan to top stitch around the bib in the morning for a more finished look, it feels like there should be room. I have the Airflow in Mist. Overall, seems like a simple project although mine took way longer than expected for some reason (I’m sure it has nothing to do with the tutorial being on my phone along with texting, gchat, Facebook….). I also used snaps on my strap covers, worked great!

    My only critique (since you asked) is that I feel like the snap hole section could use more pictures/more elaborate explanation. I’m still not sure how I should’ve done it, but I made something work out and we moved on (it’s hidden anyway…). I almost scrapped the whole project at that point. :-/ Glad I didn’t!!

    Thank you again!

    • I’m so glad you were able to use the tutorial to make a cover. It turned out great! I agree that the instructions for the snap holes were a little vague. I will try to take more/better photos the next time I make a set!

  9. My mom is in the middle of making this for me and we can’t seem to figure out the hole part on the front bib. There is a square hole for the buckle I’m assuming when you want to have that part up for neck support, but what about when you want to have that part down and snapped? There isn’t a hole to snap the neck support to the carrier. Do you just let it hang and not snap it?

    • If you are using the headrest in the upright position, pull the clips through the holes in the front of the cover. If using it in the downwards “bib” position, tuck the clips inside the cover so that the snaps are exposed and snap the bib in place.

  10. I can’t believe I never shared here! I followed this tutorial for months and read it about a thousand times, then finally got up the nerve to create one. I made mine reversible, and it turned out well, aside from an upside down print issue that i didn’t have the heart to fix after running out of fabric when I convinced myself the first time I had it together that it was wrong (it wasn’t that time. It was after I changed it. lol)
    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I have found a few of them, but none explain it quite as well as you do, or seem to cover as much as yours did. I also ended up opting for curved suck pads instead of straight (Katie’s corner KP’s version)…THEN turned them into lillebaby ones by cutting out an opening in 2 of the patern pieces. I was in way over my head with both projects since I hadn’t sewn in years, but after tons of work and about a week, they both looked amazing. I still get compliments on them and still wear them, even though I’ve changed my pattern quite a few times, perfected my technique and my new ones look a lot more “finished”. The old ones remind me of where I started. Thanks so much for being my jumping off point!

    Here is a link to a folder of images of the bib and my suck pads:

    Many thanks and have a wonderful day!

    • It seems like the fabric ending up upside down seems to be the biggest problem people are having. I guess I need to update the pattern with a little arrow showing which direction the print should go. Or just advise people to use a print that looks good going both directions! lol

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  12. Thanks for the great post! This was my very first sewing project ever. So while there is definitely a lot of room to improve, I’m still happy with how it came out! I’m sure it looks a bit sloppy to an old pro but it was made with love and my daughter won’t care 🙂

  13. I finally finished mine! I used plastic snaps so that the clips were accessible. I also made a pouch for my keys and phone. I would love to post a pic! Don’t know how!

  14. I’m very new to sewing and I have a print that needs to face a certain direction. So which way would I face the pattern before I start cutting. And would it be opposite for the back side for when the neck support is up? I don’t have anyone around to help me haha so any help would be much appreciated. I just don’t want to cut it the wrong way and waste my awesome fabric. Thank you!

    • To help you visualize it, cut out your paper pattern and hold it up to your carrier, both in the “upright” position and with it folded over w/ the neck support snapped down. The longer back flap will need to have the print upside down since it will be visible folded back. The shorter front flap should have the print right side up. When I say upside down and right side up make sure that the rounded part of each piece is the “top” (so it looks like a mushroom, kind of). The first time I made a cover w/ a print that had a direction I had to re-do it because I did the back flap wrong! It is smart of you to double check!

  15. Thank you for this pattern! I don’t have a printer but I was able to redraw it thanks to the measurements you included! I made it yesterday but also made curved pads like someone else mentioned. I am a novice at sewing, self taught through blogs and YouTube, and I though the pattern and tutorial was great! The one thing I thought was weird was towards the end when you said to sew wrong sides together when putting the front and back pieces together and then press and turn – that would make it inside out 🙂 so I did right sides together and it looks great! I shared this pattern with friends and I think I’ll make these as gifts for friends in the future!

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  17. I’m preparing to use your pattern but wanted to check to see if the pattern has a seam allowance already in it or if I need to cut to allow for the seam allowance. And what is the seam allowance for this pattern? I’m looking forward to sewing this bib pattern even as a beginner!

    • I can’t believe I didn’t mark that somewhere…I am going to blame “pregnancy” brain! I believe that I included 1/2″ seam allowance. Just to double check you may want to hold the paper pattern up to your Lillebaby before you cut your fabric, but that should be correct.

  18. If you dont mind I would like to do a blog and tutorial on the bib portion with the variations I added if that is okay with you?
    The items made with this pattern is it okay to sell? Thank you!!! Im super excited to make one for my new lillebaby carrier!!

    • Absolutely fine to make a blog post/tutorial. I would ask that you not charge money for the “pattern”, but its totally fine to sell items made with it. Make sure to come back and post a link once you have a tutorial up!

  19. I’m having issues with printing the correct size, the measurement I get when printed with edge less printing is 7.5 at your top line but 4in at the lower line. If I print without the edge less print off the measurements I get are 6 7/8 in and 3 11/16in. Also my complete original bib top measurement is 14.5inch finished and my lower measurement finished is 8.5 in, so do I need to add a seam allowance to the pattern because the measurement on your pattern is 7.25 which would put me at the 14.5in I need without the seam allowance? Sorry for all the questions I just want to make sure I have everything right before cutting fabric and then sewing with frustrations.

  20. I’m not sure my printer is printing quite to scale, because the measurements you wrote seem off slightly. I can adjust when I cut it out to make it match the measurements you put on the pattern, but I didn’t see one for the long length on the bib pattern. I understand I’ll need to add 1″ length to the pattern for the back, but what should that total length be after adding the 1″ to the length?

  21. I just made two sets of covers successfully! I don’t know how to share a picture but I would be happy to if I had an easy way! They turned out super cute! I have two Lillebaby carriers (thanks to a buy one get one free sale earlier this year). I made a flannel cover set with cacti on it to go with my grey embossed carrier and a cotton set with anchors and ships wheels on it to go with my anchors airflow carrier. I was very pleased with how they came out! I made a few mistakes on my first set but they’re still very good overall! I forgot to cut on a fold of fabric for the strap covers so had to cut more fabric and piece it together because I was running out (bought remnants from the bargain shelf at Hobby Lobby so I knew it was close). And I also forgot to add the extra inch of length. I think I can just switch and use longer ribbons for the Velcro but I haven’t messed with that yet. I figured I’d see if I end up really needing it velcroed inside or not before adjusting it. The second set came out perfect because I learned from my mistakes!! Thanks for a great tutorial!

    • It depends on how much of a chewer/drooler your little one is. If you just want something to prevent the straps from getting dingy from rubbing against a dirty face and hands then you don’t have to use anything in between the outer layers. If you need something to soak up a bunch of drool then you’ll want some absorbent lining layers

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