Shearing 2016

My parents came to visit for a few days and we got everyone in the flock sheared with the exception of Etta, who refused to be caught. We’ll have to sneak up on her sometime in the next week or two and hope we can grab her! Everyone else was well enough behaved and aside from a couple of early prison breaks (mostly due to careless shepherds not securing the pen well enough) and a few unwelcome visits from a loose neighborhood dog everything went very smoothly. Now we have big pile of bags of wool to sort through and decide how we will have it processed this year!

It won’t be too long before we start lambing season. We could have kids any day now and the first lambs could arrive as early as the first of April!



One thought on “Shearing 2016

  1. You must have had the farm priced too cheap since it sold in four days. Congrat’s. Sharing any names yet?????? Travis Tanner

    Lauren Taylor Sent from my iPad


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