A little girl for Lana

Lana is one of our two first time moms this year (the other is Liisu). Our first timers have always given us singles, while our more experienced moms tend to give twins. Lana gave us a beautiful little girl on April 23rd!


Late in the afternoon I noticed that most of the flock was in the front of the pasture but a few of the ewes were missing. While not uncommon to spread out a bit in order to take advantage of the shade, its unusual for part of the flock to be at the far opposite end of the pasture so I knew something was up. Of course, having waited weeks for lambs and getting my hopes up at ever little sign I told myself that it was just as likely that someone had their head stuck in a fence!


When I got to the end of the pasture, Liisu and Kelly ran out to meet me. I think that both of these ewes are pregnant- they are chubby and developing udders- but they don’t seem very close to lambing yet. It turns out, they were just keeping their friend Lana company and acting as midwives!


Lana and the new baby actually belong to my friend Natalie and are just being boarded at our place, so we’ll have to wait to hear from Natalie and her family what the new little girl’s name will be.


The little ewe lamb is dark chocolate brown with a light colored belly and markings on her face. I expect that over time she will lighten more- as her mom has done. It is amaznig how much the coloring can change over the first two years with these dark babies. Lana was born just as dark and after each shearing her wool seems to come in lighter and lighter.


Lana’s wool is very long with a double coat and the father, Toffee, has a much shorter single coated fleece. Lana took after her mother (Etta) but her father was single coated with a shorter fleece so its possible that she has some of those genetics lurking unexpressed. It’ll be interesting to see who this little girl takes after, or if she is a blending of the different fleece types. We won’t know for sure for several months, at least, but may get some clues on whether her wool will be wavy (more likely to take after Mom) or crimpy (like Dad) once she is clean and dry.

3 thoughts on “A little girl for Lana

    • I think she and the other one born later last night are going to be moorit gulmogets. We just had two more arrive today that I think will be fawn katmogets– still a little too wet to tell for sure!

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