Lambs- finally!

We’ve been eagerly anticipating lambs all month. Our lambing season “window” officially began on May 9th– 147 days after we introduced the ram to the flock back in the fall. But this year the lambs have been slow to come. The girls must either have cycled late or not “caught” the first cycle. Hopefully now that the first girls have lambs, the rest will be inspired and lamb soon!


Our first ewe to lamb this year was Elizabeth. This is Elizabeth’s third lambing with us and she has always had big, healthy twins and been a great mother to them.


On April 18th, Elizabeth gave birth to two little girls. At birth, it looked like one was white and one was black. We think that the dark one may actually lighten to a dark brown as she gets older and the white has a few light brown spots and markings on her legs so it’ll be interesting to see how their color and patterning change as they get older. This is our first lamb to be born with spots!

Elizabeth is one of our finer fleeced ewes, and the father had a very fine fleece so it’ll be fun to see how the wool on these girls comes in!

So far, both girls seem to have inherited their parents’ great personalities. The dark lamb in particular enjoys getting attention from people. Elizabeth and her lambs are living at the NC farm this spring so they are getting more one on one attention than if they were with the main flock.

We haven’t decided for sure on names yet but all lambs born this year will have names that start with “N”. We are thinking about “Nora” for the dark lamb but aren’t sure about the white one!

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