Liisu’s Little Girl

Around midnight last night when I went to check on Lana and her lamb I noticed that Liisu wasn’t with the rest of the flock. The full moon worked its magic and we had another lamb! Liisu is our other first time mom this year and, as expected, had  single baby– another little girl!


Daddy’s genetics must be strong because this one looks just like Lana’s lamb and I think both of them will look like their dad when they grow up. Right now they are both dark brown with light tummies and face markings but I expect that as they get older the dark brown will lighten to a warm tan. They will both be registered as “moorit gulmoget” which means medium brown w/ light bellies and light around their eyes and mouth.



This little girl is a bit larger (about 8lb) and slightly darker than Lana’s daughter born earlier in the day. We will have to get ear tags on them soon, though, because once they get older I expect they will be very hard to tell apart!


6 thoughts on “Liisu’s Little Girl

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  3. Ok. Finally heard dad is dark brown. I have asked you before but of one waits the answers will be provided. Is she the last PG sheep?

    • The pregnant ewes this year are: Elizabeth (twin girls), Lana (single girl), Liisu (single girl), Kelly (twin girls), Lily (twin boy) and still to go Kaylee and possibly Etta

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