Next Up: Kelly

While Natalie and her boys were visiting to meet the lambs born yesterday (in particular Lana’s daughter, Nina, who belongs to them) we noticed that Kelly was acting like she was in early labor. She was staying by herself and hiding in the bushes, standing up and laying down a lot, and glancing back at her sides and rear like she was thinking “what is going on back there!?”.


This sort of behavior can go on a while before the lambs are actually born so we played with Lana and Liisu’s lambs for a while and then took a strawberry pound cake break. When we went back out to check on Kelly things were starting to progress.


Not wanting to disturb Kelly while she was laboring we watched from a distance but thankfully I had remembered to put the zoom lens on my camera we were able to sneak a peek without being in her way.


Before long another little girl was born and we got to watch as Kelly cleaned her up and the little lamb took her first shaky steps.

We thought that she must only have the one lamb this year since she didn’t look huge and was taking so much time cleaning off the baby but soon after the lamb was dry and had its first meal we noticed that something else was happening. In no time we saw two tiny hoofs and a little nose sticking out and several big pushes later another lamb had been born!

Since we were already sitting quietly and watching we had a great view of the entire process, which I recorded on video. The video is pretty long but I’m posting it in its entirety since it is unusual that I actually catch a sheep in labor, much less with a good angle for filming!

2 thoughts on “Next Up: Kelly

  1. I guess since you witnessed my horses fooling you had to video your lambs No one understands the beauty of a new birth until you witness one

    • Normally they are quick and hide, or do it in the middle of the night. Its rare for me to catch them in the process like this–usually I don’t notice what is happening until the action is over and they are cleaning them up!

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