2016 Lambing Stats

I am pretty sure we are done with lambing for the season (though Etta could conceivably surprise us with a late lamb). Here is what we ended up with:

Stud Ram: Honor Flock Toffee from Underhill Farm IN S38604

April 18th—twin ewes (Elizabeth) –Nora (solid dk brown) & Nola (white)

April 23rd—single ewe (Lana) – 6lb –Nina (moorit gulmoget)

April 23rd—single ewe (Liisu)—8lb –Nuku (moorit gulmoget)

April 24th—twin ewes (Kelly) –6lb & 6.5lb –Nellie & Natalie (fawn katmoget)

April 25th—twin rams (Lily)-5lb & 9lb Nimoy and Nosferatu (solid black)

April 29th—single ram (Kaylee)- Nigel (solid dark brown)


I’m really happy with  how everything turned out; not only did everyone have smooth, safe deliveries with healthy lambs but we ended up with mostly girls which is ideal. With the exception of Nina (who belongs to Lana’s owner, Natalie) I think I’ll keep all of the girls as part of my flock and, in the future, part of my breeding program. Now I just need to decide which of the boys I want to keep, if any, and if I want to keep them as wethers or possibly keep one as a future stud ram. I’m considering keeping one of Lily’s ram lambs as a stud since a) I would like to get more of her blood line in my flock and b) the only ewe he will be related to for next year’s breeding is his mom, Lily, and it would be easy to separate her for breeding season. All the other adult ewes are from a totally different genetic line so it would be a good way to introduce some new genes and mix things up a bit. The only problem is that I’m not sure I want to use an exceptionally small ram or an exceptionally large ram for breeding. My flock already tends towards stockiness and I don’t want to increase the size in future generations. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem wise to use a ram who was undersized and wobbly at birth….Decisions, decisions!

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