For Sale

Why not buy the whole farm?

Farm Batts

Shetland Wool Roving

Other Farm Products

We often have wool available either in its raw state or washed but unprocessed. Please email me with your inquiries.

Sheep and Goats For Sale –

Nick & Nathan (Nubian cross goats, male) born March 16th 2016 – $50 each

Nigel (brown Shetland ram lamb) born April 29 2016

Leonid  (white wether Shetland sheep)

LeeLoo (white ewe Shetland sheep- Registered) -SALE PENDING



We are located in Kentucky and often travel to North Carolina so could arrange pick up there. After July 1st, 2016 we will be relocating to central Florida.


One thought on “For Sale

  1. Came for your bib and suck pad tutorial and started clicking around. Normally see people going to Kentucky not coming to Central FL. Hiiiiii from a “Horse Capital of the World” Central Floridian!

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