We keep a small flock of unregistered Nubian goats for cheese making. Our flock matriarch is Ivy (born spring 2011, Savage Farm) and we currently have her daughter Lilac (2014) and wethered son Luc (2014).  Our stock comes from Savage farm in Nicholasville, KY and is primarily Nubian but there is some boer mixed in. In the future we may use bucks with more boer content to produce kids better suited to the meat market since we only have room and need for 2-3 dairy goats.

Luc is for sale. He is incredibly friendly and affectionate. Wethered as a kid, his horns are small (much like his sister’s) and he never developed a bad temperament or odor. He would make a great pet or companion animal. We haven’t worked with him much on a lead, but he is eager to please and very focused on people. We love Luc  but we have run out of space and need to make room for more lambs and kids from our breeding program. As we focus more on breeding, the wethers have got to go! — $75 OBO (I am willing to come down on the price if I feel like he is going to a really good home where he will get lots of attention).

Marvin, born April 2015, is now for sale. He is an intact buckling. $60

Lilac is for sale. She is a Nubian doe born spring 2014. She may be bred by Marvin but since Marv is still young we can’t guarantee it. Lilac is a very sweet girl and already has experience on a milking stand having her hooves trimmed and getting treats. As soon as she is let into the barn she jumps onto the stand! When I’m giving her treats on the stand I’ll touch all around her belly/udder area so she shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting to being milked. Her mother produces about half a gallon of milk at one milking per day with a kid nursing full time (a lot more if I separate the kids and milk twice a day but I don’t usually bother since I don’t need much milk) $100

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