Jeb in the middle of shearing, 2015. The yellow flood lamp makes his wool look more brown than it really is.

Jeb was born at All One Farm in Elizabethtown, KY in the spring of 2012. Jeb is from a registered flock but isn’t himself registered since he is a wether. He has a very dense black fleece that shows very little sun bleaching. Because he wasn’t fully wethered until he was about 6 months old (he was cryptorcid) he has more fully developed horns than most wethers and should also be less prone to urinary calculi. When given regular attention he is very friendly and affectionate.


Jeb as a lamb

Jeb is for sale. He is a great sheep and I love his jet black coloring but we have run out of space and need to make room for more lambs from our breeding program. As we focus more on breeding the wethers have got to go! — $150 OBO— ON RESERVE


Avg 30.9 micron from 2015 shearing

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