Baby Kaylee

Registration: S38533

Mom: Rare Find Farm Elizabeth

Dad: Rare Find Farm Imprint

Twin Sister: Kelly

Born April 3rd, 2013



Kelly and Kaylee at about 6 months



First breeding:  October-Dec 2013

Rare Find Farm Icon


First Lambing: April 10, 2014

Logan (single ram lamb)


Kaylee at one year with first lamb, Logan


Second breeding: November 2015 Honor Flock Toffe

Second lambing: April 29, 2016 single ram Nigel (solid dk brown)



First Shearing: April 2014 – 4lb raw wool

Second Shearing: April 2015- 5.25lb raw wool, avg 26.7 micron

Third Shearing: March 2016- 5.5lb

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