Growing Up

My wee little lambs aren’t so little anymore, in fact they are almost as big as their mommas! Still, as the youngest members of the flock they get pushed around a bit by the older sheep and because of that I have a hard time having one on one interactions with them. Every time I try to give treats of scratches to the lambs, one of the older sheep comes along and pushes them out of the way! The result is very shy, skittish lambs. This isn’t ideal for any of the sheep, but is a real problem with little ewes that will eventually be bred. I need to be able to easily handle them during their pregnancies and after lambing to make sure they stay healthy, and I need them to trust me to help out during lambing if they have problems.

Thankfully my mom offered to help me out with my shy lambs by taking two of them to her farm for lots of one on one attention. Hopefully this will make them more confident and friendly!

2014-10-11 02.02.50

The lambs and their moms separated in the barn the night before their trip to make them easy to catch in the morning


Liisu settled in for the ride


Liisu and LeeLoo meeting their new flock


Settling in into their new stall


We want to explore our new pasture!!